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Welcome to The Pulborough Society 

The Pulborough Society holds seven lively and entertaining meetings a year.

We produce an informative newsletter before each meeting, highlighting issues of concern to the Society and our members.

All our meetings are held in the village hall, and this allows our members to discuss any concerns they might have and how we as a society can help.

The guest speakers at our meetings (see News & Events) are always interesting and diverse;
if you are a non-member and would like to come along and see if the Society has anything to offer you, we charge just £2.

Next Meeting: 

Wednesday 6th March 2019 7:30 pm Pulborough Village Hall
Annual General Meeting

Christ’s Hospital – a School like no other      

Many local people would recognise the ‘Bluecoat Uniform’ or have glimpsed the School from the train – but very few know about the origins of this remarkable institution and its importance in educational and social history.

Why did its campus end up in Horsham and what is its role in today’s society?

This presentation of how the School has survived and developed over 500 years gives a fascinating insight into how society has changed over time.


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2    Minutes of the last AGM – 7th March 2018
3    Chairman’s report
4    Treasurer’s report and presentation of accounts
5    Election of Officers
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Brief updates from Pulborough organisations

18/2044 – validated
Pennyroyal 68A Lower Street, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 2BW
Retrospective application for the installation of a satellite dish on eastern elevation (Listed Building Consent)

18/2396 – Validated 8 November 2018
68 Lower Street, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 2BW
Retrospective application for the installation of an external satellite dish on the front elevation (Listed Building Consent)

Both of these applications were concerned with obtaining retrospective planning permission after satellite dishes had been installed on Listed buildings.  In both instances, Horsham District Council refused permission on the grounds that:
“The proposal, by reason of its form and siting, represents an unduly prominent modern addition that fails to protect, conserve, reinforce or enhance the aesthetic quality and special interest of ….. a Grade II Listed Building.”

The A29!
There has been considerable local concern recently about apparent plans to make the A29 a designated lorry route – a prospect which many feel would cause increased difficulties on the ‘pinch points’ at the Railway bridge and Church Hill/Swan Corner.

Whereas the A24 and A27 are ‘designated’ lorry routes (for long-distance vehicles) the A29 is currently designated as a ‘local’ lorry route.  This is not an upgraded status, but a new category recognising already established principles, towards which the Government is providing direct funding. 

The Committee would like to clarify that, although Horsham District and Pulborough Parish Councils are consulted about highway matters, the sole responsibility for all such rests with West Sussex County Council.  Thus, only our County Councillors can reflect local highway concerns.


None currently planned.